Why Acknowledge Achievements is better than Making New Year’s Resolutions

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts – Alan Cohen

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This period of the year is usually dedicated to bucket lists and resolutions for the year to come: I love lists and intentions too, I think they help me achieving more and better. At the same time, I feel like lots of us (me included!) are way too much interested in achieving more, forgetting about all the amazing things we’ve accomplished already.

Being aware of the goals we have achieved and celebrate success can have some relevant consequences:

1. Knowing yourself – we’re always worried about achieving new things and being recognized by others. The truth is people see what we show them. So… Let other people see you shine!

2. Facing difficult moments of life – remember when you did good and realized your desires and projects will cheer you up when going through struggles and obstacles. What’s more, you could identify strengths and resources to restart and be proactive.

3. Accepting failure – when you know you did well before, you’re more willing to accept failing and look at it with more objectivity, creating distance between you and negative emotions related to flops. Failure won’t define you: it will just be a thing (among many others) you’ve not accomplished as you imagined.

4. Being more focused for the next project – being conscious about resources, strategies, habits and relationships that allowed to achieve previous goals promotes effective planning for the next ones. And it boosts your motivation, too.

5. Builds momentum – it reminds you that you can achieve greater goals by investing in yourself!

6. Improving self-esteem – which, in turn, leads to greater empowerment, aka feeling emotionally and spiritually stronger, and act like you mean it!

7. Changing attitude – when you spend some time focusing on your successes, you nurture the belief that you can achieve what you want.

8. Increase positive emotions – positive emotions boost your physical and mental energy, your attention and build your interpersonal relationships.

They’re way too many pros not to list last year’s achievements! 2014 has been a productive and proactive year, for me. I accomplished some goals I planned, and some others I didn’t even imagine I could achieve. This is my list:

  • I found a mentor
  • I got my PhD application accepted
  • I attended my first meeting (and a couple more, too)
  • I had my first scientific article published
  • I met new people, bringing my work relationships to a more personal level
  • I managed to visit a couple of new cities, despite my 20-something financial situation
  • I became more financially independent from my parents

What’s your 2014 achievement list? Feel free to share it in the comments, or on your blog!


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