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about pageI’m Ilaria and I’m an Italian twenty-something from a town in Southern Italy. In 2007 I moved to Rome, Italy, to attend Psychology faculty. Now I’m a PhD student in Developmental and Social Psychology, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. (You can find any other work-related info here)

My ideal relaxing afternoon is filled with coffee, a good homemade cake and my fave books (scented candles included!).

Or, you can find me in a contemporary art museum taking photographs.

As a blogger, and as a psychology researcher, I’m interested in helping people to boost their talents and find out their resources.
Flair for Life was born for this reason: support talents and strengths, face fears and embrace weaknesses. And, in the meanwhile, share some bits of my everyday life :)

I hope you’ll feel as connected and inspired reading my words as I am delivering them to you.


PS. Is there something you’d like me to talk about? Or anything else you’d like to tell me? Please feel free to use this contact form, or any of the contact buttons in the side bar :)


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